• Software engineer
  • Libertarian activist
  • Blogger & podcaster

Hi, I'm Emmanuel, and I do lots of things.

During the day, I'm a front-end engineer working for advertising.com.

At night, I'm a libertarian blogger and podcaster promoting individual rights and securalism.

Software Engineer


Not knowing a framework can be easily fixed. Changing bad habits, on the other hand, is tougher.

Good process is the key: short development cycles, test-driven development, continuous integration, and high quality code standards.

Let's change the world

IT is the new industrial revolution, and has potential for an even bigger impact.

I'm excited to be part of it, and hope to find people who share my hunger for change and my curiosity to see where this can lead us.

Still, here are a few technologies I'm familiar with:

  • Git unconditional
  • JavaScript guru
  • Angular enthousiast
  • Open-Source contributor
  • PostgreSQL lover
  • Ruby On Rails hobbyist